eBridgeAsia, LLC can help your company enter China via rapidly developing eCommerce channels.

Our Services:

  • Product Evaluation:  Not all imported products will sell in China.  Chinese consumers are also very brand oriented. Be prepared to make a long-term investment in marketing your products in China.  A quick search on can very helpful in letting you know if your brand is already in China and what your competition looks like.
  • Evaluate Packaging:  eBridgeAsia, LLC can advise your company on appropriate packaging styles and official labeling requirements.
  • Trademark:  If you are considering testing the China market, it is crucial that you trademark your brand sooner, than later.  eBridgeAsia, LLC can introduce your company to reputable firms who can assist with the trademark filing process in China.
  • eCommerce Options:  Assistance in evaluating conventional vs cross-border eCommerce opportunities.
  • Marketing:  Foreign brands must be prepared to support their importers/distributors with marketing support, especially for new-to-market products.  eBridgeAsia can provide guidance on marketing strategies and development of Chinese social media campaigns.  If the brand and product is NOT well-known in China already, you will need to seriously consider whether or not to proceed in the market.
  • Market Launch:  Our partners in China can provide assistance in launching your products online leveraging your marketing dollars.